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Bringing love, joy and elegance into more than 10.000 homes worldwide.

Perfection in Every Stitch

Straight from the heart of Denmark, our artisan-made high-end cushions are celebrated for their flawless stitching and one-of-a-kind color palettes. Each cushion reflects our passion for perfection and craftsmanship, designed to enhance the comfort and style of your living room.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury and comfort with our living room cushions. Experience the Danish flair for excellence and the extraordinary colors that elevate your living space with style.

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You can both order your cushion here at our online store, or in one of our, more than 200, retailers spread all over the world. Click here to find our retailers near you

Christina Lundsteen is a Danish cushion designer with a unique sense of color. She wants you to fill your home with colors you love and that make you happy.

With a background in the Danish fashion industry, she has an eye for details and a love for craftsmanship and traditional techniques.

Christina challenges the way you think about mixing colors and patterns, and her collections surprise you and creates stunning environments for you and your family. Sometimes she pushes our boundaries, but it is always elegant.

We are proud to tell that every cushion is made to order and hand made in Denmark. All fabric is sourced in Europe and every cushion has an animal friendly and anti-bacterial down filling.

The quality of the products is outstanding and she still finishes every cushion herself by hand and makes sure each and every one is perfect.